Happy Hump Day!

Current Mood: Bored out of my mind, but progressively feeling happier about the downward slope towards the weekend.

So…I’m currently covering a colleague’s annual leave at another office. And compared to where I usually work, it is insaaaaaanely boring. The responsibilities I have here, compared with my permanent work site, are about 10% of what I’m used to so I get a gargantuan (always liked this word) amount of down time. On the flip side, the usual ‘Mondayitis’ has turned into a very productive day for my two NFL Fantasy leagues; basically spend all of Monday following the games and making adjustments for the coming week.

However boring and uneventful my role is here I’m really taking this opportunity to get onto the radar of the recruitment staff here. Because honestly, being a receptionist isn’t something I would want to do long term. I mean, maybe for some people it is the ideal career path that they would want to follow, but for me it is a big fat foot in the door for other opportunities within a company. I believe that any receptionist is in the ideal position to develop professional relationships with staff members and use this as a basis for entering into a company via a different role.

The things that I always have in the back of my mind in terms of work is to never stop learning, to keep progressing (no matter how long it takes) and to never get too comfortable (because if you get comfortable, odds are you will be bored very quickly *see first paragraph). I believe that progression within a company looks far better to an employer than a single position held for a long time, and for me personally I think I’ve done a great job with my own progression. For me, there is no ‘end goal’ or ‘dream job’ that I’m working towards at the moment, only my current goal and my next job.

Just some thoughts I would like to share with anyone reading.

Thank you so much for reading! If you have any questions for me or comments you’d like to put forward please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. If there is a topic or anything of interest that you’d like me to write about you can also add that in the comments section. And finally, if you have any feedback or critique on my writing, I’m all ears and ready to learn!

Have a good day everyone 🙂



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