So first off, Happy Friday!! Well, in my timezone at least. The day has barely even started and the world is already testing me…in the form of a rude AF bus driver.

Basically what happened was I walked on to the bus and asked to top up my bus card. And for some (probably stupid) reason, this bus driver starts shaking his head as if I had just done something wrong. Why oh why is it such a big deal to this driver for someone to do something so simple as to put money on their card? The funny thing is that this particular driver has been like this for as long as I can remember.

One night after drinking in town, I was on my way home and guess who is my bus driver? This guy. And he does the same thing. I can understand that maybe he doesn’t want to drop me off, because the bus route going to my house demands a detour, but at the end of the day it is this guy’s job and he is effectively the face of the bus company which I really don’t hold in high regard because of this guy. So yeah, I tell him where I want to get off, he moans, groans and shakes his head, and because I’m in a drunken state and have no control over what I say I start running my mouth. It gets to the point where I’m almost yelling at him saying “You can’t complain because this is your job. Whether you like it or not you can’t fucking start complaining to me about it.” and he immediately gets defensive saying things like “I’m not complaining, sorry!”

In the end, I could’ve reported this guy numerous times straight to the head office of the company. But honestly, I’ll just leave him to wallow in hi sadness.


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