Welcome to my life


Firstly, I would like to congratulate all who are reading on their grand decision to begin this blogging journey with me! Follow me on this journey as I share random rants, thoughts, photos, videos, and anything really for your reading/viewing pleasure.

To start off, I will formally introduce myself. My name is Patrick Romero (or Pat for short) and I am a Filipino born and raised at the bottom of the world (New Zealand). I have a degree in Design, a wonderful girlfriend named Joan (pronounced Jo-An) and a little dog, who loves me unconditionally, named Muffin (pronounced Muh-Fin lol)!

About me in general, I am a super chilled and laid back kind of guy (translation: super lazy) with a crazy sense of humour. I do have a personal wall by default, meaning I don’t immediately let people in and show them the real me unless we generate some sort of meaningful connection so I can come across as quite quiet. I have definitely come out of my shell a bit more because of my current occupation which I will describe below.

In a professional aspect, I am a corporate receptionist for a bank and despite not applying my university degree in a professional environment I am a budding photographer and beginner cinematographer. Both my occupation and my hobbies definitely push me beyond my comfort zone and because they have both come into my life this year I can definitely agree with Kylie Jenner:


Where to from here? I’m glad you asked. What I hope to do is post content daily or bi-daily. These posts will come in the form of a written blog post, a photograph (or set of photographs) or a short video. Alternatively, it could be all three in one post, you never know! I also hope to generate an audience that likes my content and from there create a potential YouTube channel where readers can transition to viewers.

Dayum, I guess this is one heck of an introduction! Anyways, hit the like and follow button if you enjoyed this and would like to see more content from me in the future or leave a comment to say hi!

Please like me 🙂

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