About the World

Honestly, I have no idea about what to believe in this world anymore. There is just so many things that are shrouded in secrecy or manipulated to create some sort of illusion. So much so, that it has created a distrust within me. So much so, that I feel like the¬†illusion of the world is…Read more About the World


Happy Hump Day!

Current Mood: Bored out of my mind, but progressively feeling happier about the downward slope towards the weekend. So...I'm currently covering a colleague's annual leave at another office. And compared to where I usually work, it is insaaaaaanely boring. The responsibilities I have here, compared with my permanent work site, are about 10% of what…Read more Happy Hump Day!

Welcome to my life

Firstly, I would like to congratulate all who are reading on their grand decision to begin this blogging journey with me! Follow me on this journey as I share random rants, thoughts, photos, videos, and anything really for your reading/viewing pleasure. To start off, I will formally introduce myself. My name is Patrick Romero (or…Read more Welcome to my life